Basic Principles of Fracture Management for ORP

Lectures for surgeons

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  • AOA ORP The 4 AO Principles of fracture management
  • AOA ORP Bone anatomy and fracture healing
  • AOA ORP How to read x-rays
  • AOA ORP Principles and application of tension band wiring
  • AOA ORP Principles of intramedullary nailing
  • AOA ORP Principles of management of open fractures
  • AOA ORP Compartment syndrome
  • AOA ORP Complications—after fracture fixation
  • AOA ORP Proximal femur fractures
  • AOA ORP Malleolar fractures
  • AOA ORP HIV disease and trauma care
  • AOA ORP Management of trauma patient—survey phases—interactive
  • AOA ORP Osteosynthesis involving a joint
  • AOA ORP Indications for locking compression plates—where and when?