Basic Principles of Fracture Management for ORP


The purpose of this faculty support material is to provide chairperson(s) and faculty with a comprehensive resource for planning, preparing and running an AO Alliance (AOA) ORP Course.

A group of AO Alliance chairpersons and faculty have prepared this package. The content has been developed to be either used as is or be customized and built upon. Included are:

  • Program templates
  • Lectures
  • AO Teaching videos and outlines for practical exercises
  • Outlines for small group discussions
  • Templates and checklists
  • Quiz
  • Guidelines for reflection

Thank you for helping the AO Alliance to continuously strive for improvement and excellence.

Important usage notice:

All images and illustrations in the ppt presentations were selected, given to us, produced, and/or prepared for the use of AO Alliance Courses only. They may not be printed, distributed, and commercially used.

For the translated ORP materials, please click on the links below:

Link to French materials