Basic Principles of Fracture Management for ORP

Practical outlines

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  • AOA 00103 ORP Dispofix Disposable aluminum external fixator
  • AOA 00108 ORP Internal fixation of a malleolar fracture C
  • AOA 00139 ORP Internal fixation with screws and plate providing absolute stability
  • AOA 00110 ORP Practical outline Basic screws and plate
  • AOA 00110 ORP Africa Practical outline Basic screws and plate (Only when DCP is used )
  • AOA 00112 ORP The principles of the internal fixator using the locking compression plate
  • AOA 00116 ORP External fixation of a tibia shaft fracture
  • AOA 00116 ORP Africa Practical outline Ext fix (To be used just as ppt without video)
  • AOA 00136 ORP Intramedullary nailing of tibia shaft fracture with reaming─Expert Tibial Nail (ETN)
  • AOA 00132 ORP Internal fixation of an olecranon fracture with tension band wiring
  • AOA 00137 ORP Internal fixation of a proximal femoral fracture